This article shows how to install and configure stylizer in prime 365.

How to install and configure stylizer in prime 365?

Stylizer is a site collection level feature it can be installled and configurable only on site collection (root web).

Add App Part in App Catalog

Go to app catalog page (Sites/appcat) and follow the step to upload .app file in app catalog

  • Upload file using upload button

  • Drag and drop

If app part is already exist in app catalog system will ask for replace.

After install make sure new version and app file in app catalog.

Add App Part in Site

Go to site content page of your site collection. Click on Add an App button.


Search Stylizer. Click on app part and it will open app part detail page click on trust it and it will redirect on site content page and you can find installed stylizer on that page.


If already stylizer exists in site then clicks on About of app part, it will ask you to update to newer version. Click on GET IT button and system will update your app part.

Stylizer will create one library in site collection with name "Emgage | Prime Stylizer |Themes" and will add one default theme. All themes will be stored in this library.

Make sure that the library "Emgage | Prime Stylizer |Themes" and  Sharepoint Group “Prime Stylizer Administrators” created after add/update stylizer in site collection.

Who can use the Stylizer?

Any user who has been added in "Prime Stylizer Administrators" group can create or update theme using stylizer.


Go to Site content page and click on stylizer app part system will redirect to new stylizer page. Left side will display all styling options and right side will display preview panel.From left side section user can change style and effect will display in right preview panel.

Can I use stylizer for site and sub sites in site collection separately?

Stylizer is a site collection level feature, so user can configure it only on site collection (root web) and use to create themes for root site as well as sub sites.