Server Name

During the installation of the Emgage products, you will be prompted to enter your SQL Server name. This may be the default instance or a specific instance of SQL Server. You must provide a valid SQL Server name and credentials in order to proceed. 


SQL Authentication

The Emgage products require a SQL Authentication account, as opposed to windows authentication. If you do not have SQL Authentication enabled, then you'll need to configure "Mixed Mode Authentication". Please see here for further instructions. 


SQL Database Access

Emgage creates three databases in your SQL Server. These databases are required for storing settings and other parameters in order for Emgage products to work correctly. In order to create and configure these databases, the account used during installation musth ave sufficient privileges (db_creator ). 


License Key Validation

A license will be provided to you before installation. The default license key required is TURBO View License. If you have not purchased TURBO View, you will be given a free 90-days trial in order to complete the installation. After the installation, you need to setup all your product licenses in the Product Licensing Page on your newly installed environment.  You may access this page from Site Settings > Emgage Settings > Product Licensing


Choosing Site Collections

The installer will prompt you with a list of all available Web Applications and their Site Collections on your SharePoint environment. At this point you must choose which Site Collections you would like to have the Emgage products activated on. If you choose not to activate at this point, then you may activate by going to Site Settings > Site Collection Features, and activating desired Emgage features.