Pre-Requisites to use the failover database

User must have configured the failover partner server to successfully use this functionality.


  • Fail Over Server Name field is an optional field. If the user wanted to avail of this facility they need to enter a FailOver server sql server name in a text box provided as per the screenshot.
  • There is only one validation for the Fail Over Server Name field is both the Database Server Name and Fail-Over Server Name cannot be same.
  • Special characters except \ are not allowed in a textbox for the Fail Over Server Name.
  • When a user enters the user name and its password in Username and Password fields, they are only validated against the Primary Database Server Name, not the FailOver Server Name.
  • When the User clicks on create database button a Connection String entry is added in Web.Config file with the new attribute of FailOver Partner which will point to the FailOver Server Name.
  • If the Fail-Over Server Name field is blank then the attribute of FailOver Partner will be removed.