This article will guide you for the step-by-step process of manually rolling back the changes done by the Installer's upgrade process for the Emgage Products.

  1. When an Installer's upgrade scenario do not work and even the Rollback function also failed or the Emgage products are not working after the upgrade completed successfully then we need to manually rollback the changes done by installer to revert Emgage Products to its older state.
  2. When an Upgrade is performed at that time, All the Emgage related wsps are backuped and stored in a folder called as Emgage_WSP_BackUp.
  3. This folder will be located at the same path from where we have run the installer.
  4. We need to remove existing wsps from the Central Administration and then Install it again from this Emgage_WSP_BackUp Folder.
  5. There are two powershell script files attached in this article, one is Retract.Ps1 and another one is Deploy.ps1
  6. Download both of this files and put them in a Emgage_WSP_BackUp Folder.
  7. Open SharePoint Management Shell with the Run as Administrator rights.
  8. Navigate to the  Emgage_WSP_BackUp Folder 
  9. Run .\Retract.ps1
  10. This will remove all the wsps which are available in the Emgage_WSP_BackUp folder.
  11. Once the Retract.ps1 is completed successfully then navigate to the Central Administration Site
  12. Go to System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions
  13. Make sure no Emgage Products related wsps are available in that.
  14. Run the Deploy.ps1 file from the same Emgage_WSP_BackUp folder in SharePoint Management Shell.
  15. Once Deploy.ps1 is completed successfully then navigate to the Central Administration Site.
  16. Go to Manage Web Application -> Select you web application
  17. From the Ribbon menu Select Manage Features and activate Emgage.SharePoint.Licensing.WebApplication feature.
  18. Repeat Step 16 and 17 for all the web applications.
  19. Once all the steps completed successfully, navigate to your site and check if it is working as per the expectations.
  20. If you have any issues or found difficulties in performing the above mentioned steps then you can contact Emgage Support.