The steps below walk you through the process of updating the System master page to make the final node of the breadcrumbs a link.

Time requirement: 10 min

  1. Navigate to Site settings > Master pages and page layouts and download a copy of your currently applied System Master Page (navigate to Site settings > Master page if your not sure which master page has been select as the System Master Page).

  2. If the file downloaded in step 1 was named Prime.master, make sure to change the name, as any changes made to Prime.master could be overwritten in a future product update.

  3. Now open the above file in your favorite code editor (Notepad ++ works well) and search (Ctrl / Command + F) the file for "pageBreadcrumbs".

  4. In the line following the one returned by the above search you will see the parameter rendercurrentnodeaslink="false". Change this to rendercurrentnodeaslink="true".

  5. Save your changes to the file and upload it to the Master page library (Site settings > Master pages and page layouts). If you changed the name of the file, make sure to select the ASP NET Master Page option from the Content Type dropdown.


  6. Now select the options dropdown for the file and select Publish a Major Version.


  7. Finally, navigate to Site settings > Master page and update the System Master Page select to utilize the one you've just created in the steps above. Make sure to check the Reset all subsites to inherit this system master page setting option if you'd like this update to apply to all subsites. You can also update your Site Master Page if you'd like.