Cropping a photo can be as simple as removing something at the edge of the frame, or as specific as conforming an image to exact dimensions. Fotor offers some of the most robust cropping tools you'll find in a free app. To crop your photos using Fotor follow these steps:

  1. Open Fotor. If you navigated to instead of clicking the supplied link, simply click the Edit option to open the Fotor editor.

    Note: If you're uncertain as to what size your news images should be, take a look at our What size should I make my News images? article before proceeding.

  2. Click on Open in the top bar and select the Computer option to add an image from your computer for cropping.

  3. Select the Resize option from the Basic menu on the left. Note: You may not want to resize the image prior to cropping if the image is already close to the desired size. For example, in this article we have chosen not to resize the image.

  4. If you choose to resize the image, input the desired image dimension values (values are in pixels) and the click on Apply.

    Important: Do not use Resize to increase the size of an image. This will result in pixelated, unprofessional looking images. You want to start with an image with dimensions that are at least as large as your intended final cropped image size.

  5. Now Select the Crop option from the Basic menu on the left.

  6. Choose a constraint from the drop-down menu and then input the desired dimensions values (values are in pixels) for the crop in the boxes below. Note: They key to professional looking news is consistency... for a given News web part instance all images should have the same dimensions. In the case of this example, we wanted all our images to conform to a unified dimension of 1100 px wide by 400 px heigh.

  7. In the main window, adjust the position of the crop box until it contains only the portion of the image you want to keep. Limit yourself solely to dragging the crop box by clicking on it's interior, as opposed to adjusting the handles which will reset the crop dimensions.

  8. When finished, Click on Apply.

  9. Click on Save (floppy disk icon) in the top bar to save the image to disk.

  10. Input the desired File Name and click Download. You'll want to keep the File Type setting at jpg and the Quality at Normal to provide optimal image load times.

  11. Now add your cropped image(s) to the desired Image library within SharePoint (Site contents > Images). Making sure to Check In and Publish as a Major version each new image to ensure they are visible to all your users.

Cropping is not a difficult task, but if you need precise tools, the image editor that came with your Operating System may not impress you. In our testing, Fotor has been one of the best freely available tools for most situations with the least amount of friction. It also has basic rotate and flip functionality, which can come in handy at times.

If you're looking for a more advance, yet still free online tool, we recommend giving Pixlr a try. If you'd like to try another tool similar to Fotor, the BeFunky photo editor is also nice.