By default Prime displays a background color for the General, Header, and Footer section of your sites, however, background images can be added using the Prime Stylizer.  Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Site Contents on the root site of the site collection (Click the Settings Gear located in the SharePoint Ribbon and then click on Site Contents).


  2. Open up the Prime Stylizer within the Site Contents menu. If you're not a member of the Prime Stylizer Administrators group, you can add your user from Site Settings > People and groups > More... (under Groups heading on side bar) > Prime Stylizer Administrators.

  3. Once the Stylizer is open, scroll down the style panel to the Title Bar heading. To show the breadcrumbs, update the Show Page Title option to Show instead of Hide. If you'd also like to show the Site Name and Page Description, update both the Show Site Name and Show Description options as well.