This article contains the known issues, new features, enhancements, bug fixes and version numbers for Prime 365.  Please read this article before updating your current version of the Emgage Products.  

Update Required Steps

Product Migration

Prime 365 Apps

To upgrade to the latest version of Prime 365 from a previous version, the new Prime 365 apps will need to be deployed to your Office 365 SharePoint App Catalog, then the app migration app must be run to migrate the current apps to the newest version.  To complete these steps, please follow the Upgrading Prime 365 Apps (early 2018 release) instructions.


To update the Stylizer, navigate to Site Contents > Emgage | Prime Stylizer from the root site of your site collection. Take note of the currently applied theme, then select and apply the "Default" Theme, finally, select the originally applied theme and Save & Apply it.


New Features/Enhancements


News 2.0

  • Can display news from multiple Prime News Lists and RSS Feeds
  • Ability to display news from sub-sites

Prime Stylizer

  • Add background images to Header, Footer, or Site
  • Ability to add custom CSS

Menus Stylizer

  • Global Navigation Menu is available 
  • Ability to add icons to all menus
  • Can target audiences on menus


  • Can target audiences when creating alerts
  • Ability to list multiple alerts across sites
  • Can set publish date and categorize importance to highlight alerts


  • Can add or modify predefined Categories