This article contains the known issues, new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and version numbers for all Emgage Products. Please read this article before updating your current version of the Emgage Products.  

Post Update Required Steps


Product Migration

IMPORTANT: Please run the Product Migration Wizard immediately after updating.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, the Product Migration Wizard will need to be run immediately following this update to apply any list and database updates associated with new product functionality. To perform this migration, simply navigate to the following URL and click on the Migrate button:



If you have not updated for a while, we've added additional options to the Stylizer in recent releases. If upgrading from a previous Emgage Package, please complete the following steps:

  1. Manually upload any old theme.less and theme-custom.less files to the Emgage Prime Stylizer Themes library (please refer to this article for instructions).
  2. Open the Stylizer, select and apply the Default Theme to reflect all the latest Stylizer changes included in this release.
  3. Select your current Stylizer Theme.
  4. Confirm that your theme looks correct, and update options as necessary. For example, in the Top Nav section, the Wrapper Background Color option is one of the newer additions and may need to be updated.
  5. Click Apply to apply your theme when finished.


New Features/Enhancements


How Do I Enhancements

  • Web Part can now display any list that contains a 'Title' and 'Expires' column

Prime Stylizer

  • Prime 365 Stylizer themes can be imported into Prime on-Premise Stylizer

    Note:  When importing a Stylizer theme from Prime On-Premises to Prime365, or vice-versa, you will need to first select the "Default" theme, select Apply, then re-select the imported theme and select Apply to ensure all the theme properties display correctly.

Prerequisite Checker

  • Prime Pre-Requisite Checker is available to run to determine all pre-requisites are met prior to installation.


Bug Fixes


  • Resolved Stylizer issue with font family
  • Resolved icon placement in Prime navigation and footer menus
  • Resolved issue where Web Part Title Color displayed incorrectly in a table
  • Resolved bug with Stocks web part not retrieving stock data
  • Resolved issue where Quick Edit option was disabled on Prime Lists
  • Resolved Calendar bug where past events were displayed in the Upcoming Events section of the web part
  • Resolved Top Navigation spacing issues for mobile devices
  • Resolved issue where AD Groups can manage News Sources when added to the Prime News Manager group