If updating from a previous release of our Emgage products, you will need to make note of the current News/Announcements Web Part configuration settings prior to performing the product update. This article provides detailed directions and also includes a Powershell script we have created to simplify the process.

When upgrading the Emgage Prime product to release (20378), the News/Announcement web part configuration does not persist and shows a message "The 'News Source List' is not configured. Contact your administrator for help."


In this release (20378) several enhancements have been made to the News/Announcement web part. New display options (such as Stacked, Image on left, Image on top, Text overlay), new cycle preferences (Cycle all items and Cycle page items), and greater control over what it displayed (show/hide Image, Title and Body options) have been added. With these improvements, the settings architecture was also rewritten, which is what necessitates the web parts reconfiguration.


Before performing the update, please make a note of the current settings of all News/Announcements Web Parts on your environment. You'll then reference these notes after performing the update to re-configuring your News/Announcements Web Parts.

To simplify this process, we've created a script that can be run against a web application and will list all pages where the News/Announcement web part has been added. Below are instructions for running this script, which has been attached to the end of this article.

IMPORTANT: You must follow the steps discussed below before you update the Emgage Products from a previous release to this version (20378).

In the case of an update from a previous release, the user needs to make note of

  1. Download the attached PowershellScript.zip file.
  2. Navigate to the path where the attachment was downloaded and extract the zip file.
  3. The zip file contains two Powershell script files (.ps1). One for SharePoint Enterprise/Standard version and one for SharePoint Foundation version.
  4. Right clickon the Powershell script file which corresponds to your SharePoint version (Enterprise/Standard Or Foundation), select Properties, then click the Unblock option (if available) to the right of the Security heading.
  5. Open SharePoint 2010/2013 Management Shell as an administrator.
  6. Navigate to the path where zip file was extracted.
  7. Run the PowerShell script file which corresponds to your SharePoint version (Enterprise/Standard Or Foundation).
  8. The script will ask for one parameter: Web Application Url.
  9. Input the web application URL when prompted and press enter.
  10. The script will iterate through all the site collections and subsites in the web application and generate a list of pages containing the News/Announcement web part and store them in .csv file in the same folder as the script is located. These results will also be displayed in SharePoint 2010/2013 Management Shell.
  11. You can now use this list to navigate to all pages containing a News/Announcement Web Part and make note of the current settings. You'll then use these notes to reconfigure the web parts after performing the upgrade.

 Please refer to the News/Announcements Web Part article for configuration.