We've created a PowerShell script that automatically deploys and installs any custom WSP solutions provided by Emgage.


You will need a user with Admin access and db_owner access to the SharePoint content database and config database to perform the installation. Also, during this process, your SharePoint will experience a few minutes of downtime, while IIS recycles, so plan accordingly.

Step 1

Copy the provided WSP(s) and the Deploy.ps1 script into a folder. For simplicity, we prefer to copy them into a C:\PrimeInstallation Folder.

Step 2

Run SharePoint Management Shell as an Administrator

Step 3

To install the WSP(s), run the following commands from within SharePoint Management Shell.

> cd "<location of folder from Step 1>"
> .\deploy.ps1

Note: If you received a not digitally signed error, please complete the following steps:

  1. Run > Get-ExecutionPolicy inside the Management Shell. Take note of the policy set. Write it down somewhere.
  2. Run > Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted.
  3. Run the > .\deploy.ps1 to deploy the WSPs.
  4. Reset the Execution policy to what you took note of in step 2 using
    > Set-ExecutionPolicy <WhatYouWroteDown>