This article shows how to delete a footer that is showing error "Cannot delete because its in use" error. 

Root Cause:

This problem occurs because you created a site and set a specific footer there. Then eventually you do not need that site and you delete it. After deleting a site if you try to delete a footer that is no longer in use this error comes because database entry for usage of the footer for the deleted site still exists.

Manual Work around:

  • Please click on the footer you delete and copy the ID parameter as show in the figure from browser address bar:

  • Open sql server management studio, connect to your sql server, locate prime settings database, right click and click on new query window

  • enter this t-sql statement:
  • Delete From UserSettings Where Value ='ID' and replace ID with the actual ID that you copied from url. 

  • Execute the t-sql statement and make sure you see greater than 0 rows affected in result window.

  • that's it. After that go to site and try to delete the footer menu and you should be able to delete it.

  • You can use the same solution to fix the global, local or footer menu.