This article covers how to deploy TURBO Builder forms on sites that already have SharePoint anonymous access configuration. 

This will allows anonymous users to submit forms while keeping your underlying List, Library and SQL Table data secure.

Step 1: Please click on the link below and follow the steps provided in the article. This will provide a base for steps 2 - 5.

Configuring Anonymous Impersonation Feature 

Step 2: Create a page or configure an existing page for anonymous SharePoint access.

Step 3: Add the TURBO Builder Form Web Part to the page and select the Application and Form to use.

NOTE: the designated FBA Account that you registered in Step 1  must have access to the selected form and underlying content sources.


Step 4: Register page as anonymous impersonation.

Go to Site Settings > Configure Anonymous User Impersonation


Once you click the link, you can use the following form to configure this feature:

Step 5: Test Page.

Logout from SharePoint, and visit the anonymous page. You will see the page automatically login as the registered FBA User.