Please follow the steps below to successfully upgrade your Emgage Prime 365 Apps.

Time requirement: 15 min for the first site collection + 10 min per each addition site collection

Update Prime 365 Apps

The Prime 365 Update article contains detailed instructions for this process. However, please follow the steps in the order provided below:

  1. Add updated Prime 365 Apps files (provided by Emgage) to your Office 365 SharePoint App Catalog. Please refer to the "Add Updated Prime 365 App files to your App Catalog" section of the Prime 365 Update article which has additional details

  2. Update Prime 365 Apps within each of your site collections. Make sure to first update the "Emgage | Prime 365 Look & Feel" App and then update all remaining Apps. The "Update Prime 365 Apps on your Site" section of the Prime 365 Update article has additional details

  3. Update the Templates Solution on each site collection by uploading "Emgage.Prime365.ListTemplates.wsp" to Site Settings > Solutions, and then activate it. The "Update Templates Solution" section of the Prime 365 Update article has additional details

  4. Some apps like Calendar, Tasks, Look and Feel, and News 2.0 require tenant administrator approval due to new features implemented relating to cross-site collection access. Please make sure you have your tenant administrator available to approve the app request.

Trouble upgrading some apps

  1. We converted Calendar and Task apps in this release to use tenant level permissions. Depending upon the SharePoint online tenant, it will allow you to directly upgrade your apps or it will fail to upgrade throwing remote event receiver thrown an error.

  2. If you are not able to upgrade the prime look and feel, task, calendar, news 2.0 etc. apps, go to site contents and remove the app that you are not able to upgrade.

  3. Go to Site Settings > Recycle Bin and select the app and delete it.

  4. Go to Site Collection Administrator Recycle Bin and remove the app from there as well.

  5. Once these steps are complete and the app is not visible within site contents or recycle bin or administrator recycle bin, you are now ready to install the app again

  6. Go to apps and try to install the app again. Some of the apps mentioned above will require tenant administrator approval and display an error stating "You are not ready to install this app, know why". Click on the link to submit the approval request form.

  7. Ask your tenant administrator to approve the request by going into App Catalog > App Requests section and clicking on the title of the request.

Apply Theme

Open the Prime Stylizer by navigating to Site Contents > Emgage | Prime Stylizer from the root site of your site collection. Take note of the currently applied theme, then select and Apply the "Default" Theme, finally, select the originally applied theme and Save & Apply it.

Prime Look and Feel Lite

With this new release of Prime 365, you will have the option to use prime look and feel lite app which will replace the prime look and feel app. By using this app, you will remove targeting from the menus, footer, and remove the My Links features to optimize page load speed. In order to switch to the Prime Look and Feel Lite app you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Add an app to app catalog from your release package.

  2. Go to your Site > Site Contents and add an app

  3. Choose Prime Look and Feel Lite app, create app request, and get tenant administrator approval on the same.

  4. Add an app to your site and wait for the app to install.

  5. Once finished, go to Site Settings > Master Page under the Look and Feel Section, and switch the master page to Prime-Lite.master.

  6. Now you are switched to the lite version of prime 365 with reduced features and optimized page load speed.

  7. Please follow App Refresh steps below to finish the full upgrade process.

  8. To switch from the Prime Look and Feel Lite master page, just perform step 5 and select Prime.master and perform app refresh steps.

  9. If you want to use the Prime Look and Feel Lite app, just remove the Prime Look and Feel app for that site. 

App Refresh

After App Migration has successfully completed, perform the following steps to refresh the cache for the Apps which were migrated. Note that the cache will automatically refresh after about an hour, so this step is only necessary if you'd like to manually trigger the refresh because something does not look right.

  • Global Menu, Mega Menu, Alert and Footer - Launch the menu configuration screen by clicking the gear icon for the menu (you'll need to be part of the Menu's Administrators group) and click the "Refresh Cache" button.

  • Calendar & Tasks - Launch the admin panel by clicking the silhouette plus gear icon at the bottom of the app part and then click the Done button.