Note: This article applies to Emgage products deployed to SharePoint On-Premises only.

To migrate a Prime Menu from one environment (Development) to another (Production) please follow the provided steps:

  • Go to SharePoint Management Shell.
  • Run (Get-spfarm).Id


  • Grab the farm ID from both the farms using the above PowerShell command.
  • Not down the ID for both the farms.
  • Once you have both ID's, production and development, go into SQL and past the following Query statement and execute.Make sure to select Prime Settings database before running the query.

 /****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS ******/

--Select query to get the data

 SELECT TOP 1000 [WebID]




FROM [Emgage_PrimeSettings].[dbo].[UserSettings]

Where SettingID like '%AteraPrime.Prime635.MegaMenuID_%'

  • The above sql command will give a list of entries for all the Mega menus available in a farm.
  • Copy the entries and then paste them in the other farm database(production).
  • Replace the SourceFarmId which will be your source farm's id and DestFarmId be your destination farm's id which we got from the above PowerShell command.
  • Run this command to update Source Farm ID with the Destination Farm Id for the SettingID column.

declare @sourceFarmId varchar(max)

set @sourceFarmId = '<SourceFarmId>'

declare @destFarmId varchar(max)

set @destFarmId = '<DestFarmId>'

update UserSettings

set SettingID = REPLACE(SettingID,@sourceFarmId , @destFarmId)

where SettingID like '%AteraPrime.Prime635.MegaMenuID_'+@sourceFarmId+'%' 

  • Run this command to update Source Farm ID with the Destination Farm Id for the WebID column.

update UserSettings

set WebID = REPLACE(WebID,@sourceFarmId, @destFarmId)

where WebID like '%'+@sourceFarmId+'%' and SettingID like '%AteraPrime.Prime635.MegaMenuID_'+@sourceFarmId+'%' 


Note:  If you would like to perform the same operation for the Global Navigation, Footer, or MyLinks menus, you will need to change AteraPrime.Prime635.MegaMenuID_ to the following:

For Global: AteraPrime.Prime635.MegaMenuID_Global_

For Footer: AteraPrime.Prime635.FooterID_

For MyLinks: AteraPrime.Prime.MyLinks_