This feature allows administrators to automatically login a specified user on select pages for anonymous sites. This allows for impersonation of users on anonymous sites.

You can specify the pages on which to login a specified user.  When a user accesses that page anonymously, the specified user will automatically be logged in.  If the user then chooses to navigate to a page not specified to use this feature, the specified user will get logged out.  The session would become anonymous.


  1. You are required to have FBA configured on the SharePoint site collection. To install and configure FBA please go here.
  2. The pages you want to use this feature on must have anonymous access enabled.
  3. All your master pages are required to have the following code in their <head /> tags.  This is usually in the master pages, but you should confirm.

    <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="AdditionalPageHead" AllowMultipleControls="true" />

  4. It is recommended to create a designated FBA user for impersonation, which won't be used by anyone.  This will allow you to better control access and permissions.


To activate this user, you must be a site collection administrator.  To activate, go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Features.  Here, search for Emgage | Anonymous Auto Login and Logout and click activate.


To configure this feature, visit Site Settings and click Configure Anonymous User Impersonation under Users and Permissions.

Once you click the link, you can use the following form to configure this feature:

FBA User Username: Here enter the username of the FBA user that will be used to impersonate on the specified pages.
FBA User Password: Here enter the password of the FBA user.
URLs to Enable Impersonation on: Enter a list of absolute URLs to enable impersonation on.  Do not include any query parameters, make sure the Url ends with .aspx.  Enter one Url per line.