You've successfully logged into Emgage Platform by following the Sign into Emgage Platform instructions. You're now ready to add widgets to your page. This article explains the functionality of each widget.

  1. Navigate to the Platform Builder by opening a new browser tab and entering <Tenant URL>/builder. The Platform Builder contains the interface to design and publish the pages of your site.

  2. Navigate to your page by following the View and Edit your pages instructions

Once your page is loaded in the builder, you will see the Widget drawer located on the right.  Each Widget can be selected and dragged onto a section of the page accordingly.  Next, each widget will be explained in detail.


Containers Widget

The containers widget is used to create columns or rows that will group and neatly organize widgets into a section on the page.  The screenshot below displays multiple containers (titled in blue) with various widgets.

When adding containers to a page, a text widget is automatically added inside the container by default.

NOTE: Settings of a widget can be accessed by hovering over the widget and selecting the blue gear in the upper left corner of the widget.  Widgets can be deleted from the page by clicking the X in the upper right of the widget.


Container Widget settings provide the following options:

  • Large Device Spacing - add padding around the container
  • Border - add border around the container
  • Shadow - add shadow around the container
  • Background - add a gradient or solid background color within a container
  • Image - add a background image to a container
  • Copy from Container - the ability to copy all the settings above from another container by selecting the container name (i.e. Container C-5 from the screenshot above)