Navigate to a page and edit by following the View and Edit your pages instructions.

  1. While editing a page, within a Text Widget enter or select the text you would like to make a link.  Select the Link option in the Text Toolbar


  2. Enter the URL for the link.  Optionally, from the Target tab, you can also select whether the link opens in the current browser tab (leave as "<not set>"), or a new tab (select "News Window (_blank)" option).  Select OK to create the link.

    mceclip2.png mceclip3.png

    For links to other pages within your application, the link should be entered as a relative instead of an absolute link.

    An absolute link includes your application domain. For example: (domain shown in bold)

    A relative link excludes the domain. For example: /apps/app-uri/pages/page-uri (note the part in bold above has been removed).

    Using a relative link allows you to change your application domain and have your links reflect the new domain, instead of linking back to your old domain.